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About Furry Central

Furry Central is a furry server originally made by Darkmane Arweinydd.

In 2018, the server was handed to Naak, where it eventually got rebranded as Furry Realm.

Now, Darkmane has taken back the server, with a promise to restore it's original glory.

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Last updated Sunday, 15th July 2018

1. This is a primarily English language and fully literate server. Please keep non-English languages in DMs.

2. Illegal activity and discussions will not be tolerated in this server; this means anything that will break the law; no matter how big or how small. Piracy is also included; for clarification we use a mix of both US and UK law

3. NSFW media and discussions are only allowed in designated areas and only by members who are 18 years of age; suspicion of users being underaged will result in Staff Investigation.

3a. NSFW / profile picturess hinting at NSFW imqgery are also against the rules.

4. Do not be a dick - this means:.

- dont bully one another

- dont spam chats

- dont intentionally trigger others

- dont steal or aid in the theft of ANYTHING; art, characters, etc; refer to rule 2 for more info on this.

5. Have fun and treat the server like a support network! Furries are a huge support network for those in desperate need, so if you need help, dont be afraid to contact the owner to get your voice heard.

NOTE: By joining this server, you agree to allow local bots to access minimal data for moderation purposes (i.e. messages sent, edits, username changes, user ID, etc.). All questions regarding bot data usage may be sent to Darkmane The Lion

NOTE: Awoo will not result in a fine. We at Furry Central do not discriminate against any species, orientation, alignment, or any other proclivities.

NOTE: Alternate accounts are not tolerated, and can get both your main and alt banned if found.

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